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Roller Blind

Roller blinds provide an good solution for preventing unwanted light from entering your space, especially during summer months when there is sunlight early.

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Vertical Blind

Vertical blinds will add a different dimension to your home or office interiors, they are low maintenance, versatile and give you the ability to control privacy and light.


Wooden Blind

Wooden Blind  are generally wider than the Aluminium ones,so its providing more privacy in restricting forms and shapes from being seen from the outside, while also making it easier to clean them.


Electrical Blind

Electric blinds to control blind with a remote control, or even a sun sensor to automate blind movement.


Japanese Blind

Japanese Blinds have straight lines and a minimum design.


Roman blind

Excellent choice for limiting sunlight when you need to, roman blinds are easy to use. Simply pull the cord to adjust the blinds to the height that you require for your windows to allow your roman blinds to create a style statement.


Venetian Blind

To have a modern and urban feature that’s as practical as it is stylish, choose a Venetian blind for your window to freshen up your decor.


Zebra Blind

Zebra roller blinds include light filtering and sheer fabrics in one shade, so it gives you a elegance of zebra pattern


Panel Blind

With their flexible nature, not only do they make a luxurious window decoration for larger windows.


Combi Blinds

Combi blinds, also called dual shade blinds because of its two shades display.

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